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Tablets are not laptops the reality is, an ipad simply doesnt have the computing power of a modern laptop or desktop mac, so amplitube for ipad is better suited as a practice. Like all versions of amplitube, the base collection of gear can be expanded from within amplitube ua. Its beginning to look like the only way to replicate a. Six best tone apps for guitarists in 2020 all things guitar. Amplitube ua for android free download and software. Amplitube slash app apk download for android apps apk. As for your question on closing this app what device are you using. There is no preset xchange like amplitube 3 has but well forward the request. Amplitube cs gives you 7 stompbox effects, 3 amplifiers, 3 speaker cabinets and 2 mics, a free loop drummer rock groove pack and a 2track recorder.

Slash video demo of the official slash app amplitube slash for iphone, ipod touch. You can either play along with the entire song, or select a section of the song to loop over and over againhelpful. Ik multimedia amplitube ua for all android devices released. Its the first realtime guitar amp and effects processing app for all android phones and tablets that gives musicians the freedom to rock out any time and anywhere with their favorite android mobile device. How do you improve upon something so revolutionary that it changed the world. I had been using tonestack for the last year but decided to try at4 on a whim a few weeks ago. Ik multimedias irig 2 is a compact interface that lets you connect your guitar or bass to an iphone, ipod touch, ipad, or mac. Ik multimedia irig 2 guitar interface for iphone, mac, or android. The dia1 guitar interface adapter is a portable product, through which you can connect your guitar bass to the ios device iphone, ipad, ipod touch, mac and android device. Amplitube och irig hda slapps till valda samsungtelefoner. The app, which comes with irig ua, is powered by the dsp. Dj rig, the new professional dj mixing app from ik, amplitube, the most popular ios guitar amp and effects app, vocalive the processing app for vocalists, and groovemaker, the loop based beat and groove making app. The first thing youll notice about amplitube for ios is that its incredibly fun and easy to use. Amplitube ua is the revolutionary free companion app to irig ua.

Ik multimedia releases amplitube ua app for all android. Use the irig or irig stomp interface to connect your guitar to your iphoneipod touch ipad, and use irig midi. The amplitube ua app requires the irig ua hardware interface. You can certainly welcome people to share with you here. All are based on iconic pieces of gear from worldclass official brands like fender, orange, ampeg, soldano and more. Due to how android processes audio, major brands have steered clear of. There are many alternatives to amplitube for android if you are looking to replace it.

Amplitube is an allinclusive tone studio that gives you an expandable collection of ultrarealistic virtual versions of some of the most coveted gear on the planet. It lets you turn any android device into the ultimate mobile guitar and bass multieffects processor. On a forum someone asked if theres an ampkit for android, or something like it. Apple approves each app individually, ensuring that it mostly does what it claims it will do and the worst of the bugs are eliminated. Aug 27, 2019 the best application that you can use to record audio or music for android, ipad and iphone is imusic. Next up is the official app from ik multimedia, maker of the irig interfaces. Plug your instrument into your iphone with one of iks interfaces like irig 2 or irig. It comes with a powerful crossplatform suite of apps and software that includes free versions of amplitube for ios, android and macpc. There are currently 22 available models available via in app purchase. Donner adaptor 14 guitar interface adaptor for iphone,ipod. Deplike also solved the latency issue, especially in android, by being the only application with usb interface support. Jul 22, 2010 plug your instrument into your ipad with one of iks interfaces like irig 2 or irig hd 2, and get ready to be blown away.

Jun 16, 2015 to get the most out of amplitube ua, you need to pair it with an irig ua digital audio interface. Amplitube acoustic, demo for ipad using irig pro youtube. Until i visited this forum, i presumed new interfaces would work with amplitube ua. There are several devicespecific variations for both android and ios, but the. Ik multimedia transfer amplitube projects to new ipad.

Featured in hitsquads top apps for music production on ipad. Join the mobile music revolution ik multimedia gives you the most complete range of ios music accessories and apps. The 5 best apps for recording an electric instrument with. How to install android apps on amazon kindle fire no rooting. Switch between presets, change patches, turn effects on and off and control effects like volume and wah without worrying about. Whats more, the acclaimed fender collection 2 is now available for amplitube ios via in app purchase.

Amplitube for android by ik multimedia mobile apps. Theres also amplitube for iphone that does pretty much the same, even though ampkit is my favorite. Now you can with the new amplitube slash for iphone, ipod touch and ipad app. To get the most out of amplitube ua, you need to pair it with an irig ua digital audio interface.

Instead of investing in an expensive and hardtocarry amp, electric guitar players can quickly access, affordable purchase, and enjoy using deplike easily on their mobile devices anywhere with their electric guitars. Add guitar effects with the amplitube app for ipad dummies. In 2010, for the first time ever, the original irig allowed guitar and bass players to plug into their iphone and use their mobile device to play, practice and record with apps like iks amplitube, apples garageband and thousands more. Its the easiest way to connect to your favorite practice and recording apps, like iks awardwinning amplitube, which lets you play through virtual models of some of the most popular guitar amplifiers and effects of. Amplitube slash is a fullfeatured mobile guitar effects processor and recording studio app. Ik amplitube irig 2 iosandroid accessories recording. And the dia1 also compatible with samsung professional audio and boom delay android devices.

Is there any way to exporttransfer the project to amplitube on the new ipad instead of exporting the finalmixed version of the song. Hi all, i wanted to post a heads up that v4 silenced my doubts about the amplitube platform. Ik multimedia load amplitube presets into my ipad app. Popular alternative apps to amplitube ua for android, android tablet and more. Rating is available when the video has been rented.

I just ordered an ipad and was thinking of getting it for the ios platform. Jun 14, 2012 in this video, slash himself uses the official slash app, amplitube slash and walk you through the features while talking about how he used irig while writing songs for his latest album. Play through a rock icons pedals and amplifiers, all fro. With something like an ipad its possible to run fullsize interfaces on the go.

If that doesnt work for you, our users have ranked 23 alternatives to amplitube, but unfortunately only two of them are available for android. You can save the recorded audio either in m4a or mp3 format, which are widely supported by many devices. Amplitube for ipad is beautifully designed guitar and bass amp modeling program with a wide range of effects, amplifiers, speakers and microphones that allows you to customize your tone in. Please, add interface is not supported in amplitube ua to new products to clarify. Amplitube ua app for all android devices released musicradar. With it, you can enjoy the highquality sonic sculpting flexibility thats made amplitube the goto app for mobile musicians. Amplitube for ipad is an amplifier and effects modeling package that turns your ipad into a mobile guitar rig. But i also dont like the way that the app, like all ik multimedia apps, is constantly begging you to buy things. This cuttingedge onboard processor is a firstofitskind solution that solves the issue of latency on the android platform by moving all processing to an external accessory.

Plug your instrument into your ipad with one of iks interfaces like irig 2 or irig hd 2, and get ready to be blown away. Get ready to rock with the ultimate tone processing and recording studio for iphone and ipad. The new amplitube app for samsung professional audio features a full. Designed to work with the irig interface, amplitube ios was one of the.

Amplitube for ipad allows you to play along with songs in your itunes library. Jul 22, 2010 with amplitube irig, you can plug your guitar into your iphoneipod touch ipad and jam anywhere with world class guitar and bass tone right in the palm of your hand from the leader in studio. Jul 30, 2017 it is incredibly disappointing there is no longer any android support. Ett omrade dar android alltid fallit bakom ios ar professionell ljudhantering. The ipad also tends to be more stable and easier to use than android tablets. I get the impression that amplitube had fallen out of favor with many as newer apps like jamupbias upped the bar for sound quality. Download top 34 apps like amplitube ua, all apps suggested by apkpure. Amplitube for ipad is a guitar amp and fx modeling software. Slash video demo of the official slash app amplitube slash. Amplitube for ios recreate your entire guitar or bass signal chain in your mobile device and also depending on your device provide you with other advanced features, like multitrack recording and editing, highquality export and more. Play through the legendary guitar icons pedals and amplifiers from the convenience of your ipad. Deplike is a mobile application that turns your android device into an electric and bass guitar amplifier kit. This is an old thread, but ive created this video to explain the process. Other irig interfaces, such as irig 2, will not work properly with the app.

The top 5 guitar effects apps on mobile deplike guitar amps. After saving the recording, it will ask if youd like to use the file as a. I downloaded a free trial of amplitube, but its only got 1 amp combination and 1 effects pedal. The amplitube ua app requires the irig ua hardware interface to function properly. Most android phones running lollipop can take advantage of this device and accompanying amplitube app to set up pedals and amps for. It will turn your ipad into a virtual amp, giving you the same sound and modeling accuracy of amplitube s macpc applications in a convenient mobile platform app. It sounds like from this post, that newer interfaces will not work with the amplitube ua app. Combined, the two give musicians the power to play in realtime with no audible device processing delay, a market first for the android platform. Amplitube fender for ipad by ik multimedia guitar amp and. Amplitube puts the power in your hands with a massive collection of virtual gear that you can use to practice, play and record with worldclass tone anytime and everywhere. So when i got an ipad mini i was eager to test out amplitube for ipad. It lets you drag and drop pieces of virtual gear to create custom guitar and bass rigs comprised of 6 stompbox effects 4 preamp and 2 post, an amplifier and a speaker cabinet with up to 2 positionable microphones. I like to use the software later at night when i dont want to bug the neighbors i live in an apartment.

Amplitube gives you 17 stompbox effects, 8 amplifiers, 10 speaker cabinets and 2 mics, a free loop drummer rock groove pack and a 2track recorder. The 5 best apps for recording an electric instrument with your. Amplitube is an essential app that lets you use your iphone, ipad or ipod touch to process, play and record your guitar, bass or other instrument while on the go. Alternatives to amplitube for all platforms with any license. Jan 02, 2020 install android apps on amazon kindle fire.

Its a fully fledged digital amp modeler with lots of gear and recording capabilities that ive written about before. Amplitube jimi hendrix for iphone by ik multimedia. The amplitube fender app for ipad is fullfeatured fender tone guitar rig with a builtin recording studio right in the palm of your hands. Amplitube also offers innovative ways to play, practice and record with an optional looper, more drum track loops, a full 8track recorder and dawstyle studio all available for inapp purchase. And while irig 2 is the ideal companion to amplitube for ios. Slash video demo of the official slash app amplitube. Ik multimedia irig 2 guitar interface for iphone, mac, or. Because apple and app developers only need to support a limited number of devices, it is easier to stamp out bugs. Tablets are not laptops the reality is, an ipad simply doesnt have the computing power of a modern laptop or desktop mac, so amplitube for ipad is better suited as a practice, songwriting, or idea tool then a full fledged daw. Amplitube question on ipad app hi all, i am amplitube 3 and most of the custom shop stuff for use with sonar. Whether its at home, in the studio or on stage, amplitube is the dream rig youve always wanted, in a device thats always with you.

When purchasing the irig hd and connecting it to an ipad with amplitube studio on it, musicians will get a few more of each as well. From what i can tell, this is an entirely different product. Explore 10 apps like amplitube, all suggested and ranked by the alternativeto user community. Use irig hd 2 to record with other music making apps like apples. In all cases youll enjoy lightingfast load times, nearzero latency, tons of builtin effects with a great sounding master reverb, the ability to layer 4 parts simultaneously and much, much more. Amplitube irig amplitube for ipad full your guitar tone. You can then even export your tracks as stereo audio files to mobile apps like amplitube, vocalive or garageband, or computer daws like logic and pro tools.

The best thing about this application is that it records audio without tampering with its original quality. Play through a rock icons pedals and amplifiers, all from the convenience landscape of your iphone, ipod touch or ipad. Amplitube jimi hendrix for ipad for ios free download. Mostly i dont get along with the interface, which might be my problem, not the apps. Amplitube jimi hendrix is a fullfeatured mobile guitar effects processor and recording studio app that lets you play, practice and record with jimi hendrixs gear, anytime and everywhere. Guitarix is a simple linux rock guitar amplifier for jack audio connection kit with one input and two outputs. With the amplitube fender app, youll always have your. Amplitube for ipad cnet download free software, apps. The most popular guitar interface of all time just got better. It brings a damn concise stack of virtual gear that can be used for playing, practicing and recording ultimate tone anywhere, anytime. Now you can dial in your favorite fender guitar amp and effects sounds with the new amplitube fender mobile app for ipad. Amplitube is the only one of these apps where ive stuck with the free version. Ik multimedia pioneered the mobile music creation market with the introduction of the irig interface and amplitube for iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Amplitube cs for ipad guitar amps and effects to go app was presented in the market by ik multimedia inc.

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