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The films humour was in the british comic tradition of the music hall and bawdy seaside postcards. Bbc news entertainment the carry on behind the carry. Carry on regardless is a 1961 british comedy film, the fifth in the series of 31 carry on films 19581992. Lo and behold, its right next to a caravan site where all manner of people are staying. Carry on films shop stuart ball a question of carry on. Peanut by egoz easy to carry blue warm adult sleeping bag.

If only one of this tiresomely protracted franchise deserves preservation, its this one. Professors vooshka and crump decide to visit an archaeological site to study the artifacts there. The complete whos who of the carry on film series, published in 2015 with contributions from several of franchises cast members. A credits list of the actors, writers, producers, directors and other cast and crew involved in carry on behind. It contains information on each of the feature films, including moments to watch out for, littleknown facts, dialogue gems infamy. Yes, this really is a complete set of all the carry on films, from the early black and white ones to the later ones in colour. List of carry on actors what a carry on wiki fandom. There were also nods to popular comedies such as the munsters and the addams family.

But the carry on series of movies are also familiar, friendly, comfortable, and exchanges like that one above never fail to raise a smile, even though ive. Carry on behind carry on camping carry on dick carry on emmannuelle carry on girls carry on henry thats carry on carry on loving vol. Unfortunately this is not one of the best ones and im not much of a fan of windsor davies but. Behind the scenes of lawrence of arabia, 1975 film 1275.

Pages in category carry on films the following 32 pages are in this category, out of 32 total. Bawdy humour and schoolboy jokes with silly names, and dated references in the older films, but all the classic moments are. Carry on behind ou streaming une fois, vous pouvez noter ce film. The story of the carry on films and 40th anniversary reunion, 1998 by justin mcgaw. I know the carry on films are on tv every holiday time, but it is a pleasure to watch a film when you want and no adverts. Elke sommer and kenneth williams in carry on behind 1975 bernard. Yes, this really is a complete set of all the carry on films, from the early black and white ones to the later ones. Carry on film locations tour with valerie leon brit. Carry on behind is a 1975 british comedy film, the 27th release in the series of 31 carry on films 19581992. Sadly most of these characters have now passed away.

The complete az of everything carry on richard webber. Seven lesser known facts from carry on as classic film. Female lift and carry 267 girl lift carry boy beautiful lift and carry. Carry on behind is a 1975 british film from the carry on film series. British filming locations for the movie carry on behind 1975 including maps, screenshots, and other nearby film locations. Carry on making a comeback with doctors film sky news. Women behind bars 1975 trailer carry on behind 1975 part 1. Scene during the filming of carry on behind 1975 showing left to right. Cannibal girls 1973 720p bluray flac 2 0 x264 viethd. Let me give you a hand getting your tent pole up, etc, etc. Always observe a carry in, carry out policy so that you dont leave trash or litter behind 2 jellystoneparks web.

Bbc news entertainment new carry on movie loses actors. The writer dave freeman had written the film bless this house which had virtually the same team behind it as many carry ons and would go on to write the 1992 revival carry on columbus. This section looks at actors who starred or had at least one significant supporting role in at least one carry on film plus at least one other supporting role, and those actors who appeared in at least four or more films in small or supporting roles michael nightingale 19221999 films made more carry on appearances than any other member. A few of the early pictures were moderately popular here in small theaters which occasionally showed british films, and a batch of them turned up on tv in the late1960s, when they were about the raciest. Mendes, who directed films including american beauty, skyfall, and revolutionary road, was inspired to make a world war i film by his paternal grandfather, alfred mendes.

Lady evelyn bagley mounts an expedition to find her longlost baby. With a randy major owning the site, a snobbish mother, and the two professors constant innuendos, the film ends. New carry on the complete collection 30 films dvd ebay. The film revolves loosely around the activities of a job. The voice of the foul mouthed mynah bird was provided by. All characters and events in this film are fictitious. Laptop carrying case 17inch pink lightweight for girls and women best laptop carry case. It stars series regulars kenneth williams, bernard bresslaw, joan sims, kenneth connor, jack douglas, peter butterworth, and was the series debut of windsor davies, the. Contentsshow plot professor ronald crump kenneth williams is an archeologist leading a dig to timpleton, where roman remains have been found next to a caravan site. Gerald thomas, alfred roome, peter rogers, dave freeman. The carry on films were a long series of movies made with a diverse troupe of british comic actors from the 50s to the 70s and an excellent example of a universaladaptor cast. Each film comes with trailer and extensive onscreen notes about the production. The story of the carry on films and 40th anniversary reunion, 1998 duration.

The two regulars converse at the rank film building to host the film with their own running gags involving barbaras assets and kenneths desperate need of a toilet. Take advantage of great prices on bluray, 4k, merchandise, games, clothing and more. This section looks at actors who starred or had at least one significant supporting role in at least one carry on film plus at least one other supporting role, and those actors who appeared in at least four or more films in small or supporting roles michael nightingale 19221999 films made more carry on appearances than any other member of the supporting cast. Carry on london was due in cinemas in december, with exeastenders westbrook and. Everyones trying to get into everyone elses sleeping bag in this classic outing for the usual team. A guide to carry on behind, the 1975 film about a caravan campsite. The complete guide to everyones favourite films saucy. All were produced by peter rogers and directed by gerald thomas over the years, different actors would join or leave the carry on gang, or just take a break for a film or two. I actually learned even more about some of the cast i had known personally. The carry on series primarily consists of 31 british comedy motion pictures 19581978 and 1992, four christmas specials, a television series of thirteen episodes, and three stage plays. The comedy cleo, camping, emmanuelle and dick also reveals that the filming of the carry on series was a less than.

Featuring hundreds of questions on all aspects of the beloved carry on franchise and packed with amazing facts, this. This book presents a detailed journey through britains bestloved comedies. After a onefilm absence camping returned for again doctor, his final carry on until taking the lead role in the 1992 revival film carry on columbus. Ever since i saw my first carry on film all those years ago, i have always had a soft spot for the carry on series of films.

Having mocked the james bond films with carry on spying, the series turned to that other great british cinema staple, hammer horror. This year we offer what could be the last chance to do an on. Jack, cowboy, and cleo at least which have all had hd showings of late, ill go has far as to say studiocanal will release the first 12 films angloamalgamated not sure who has the rights from dont lose your head onwards rank im pretty sure those have not been remastered as yet, at least if recent itv showings of them are. In carry on behind, the team leave no stone unturned in their ruthless pursuit of laughter. Roland crump, played by carry on favourite kenneth williams, is an eminent archaeologist excavating a roman town that just happens to lie beneath a caravan site at the height of the summer season. The reallife story behind the oscarnominated war movie 1917. It was the first entry in the series not to be scripted.

The carry on behind the carry on films filming the carry ons wasnt always such a laugh a play about the offscreen love affair between carry on film stalwarts, barbara windsor and sid james opens at the national theatre this week. This section looks at the places the films were made, and compares how things have changed over the years. Carry on camping 1969 full movie video dailymotion. It is certainly one of the unfunniest films that i have ever seen. Watch carry on behind 1975 full movie ursula strauss on dailymotion. Nastavite iza je britanska filmska komedija snimljena 1975. Also included are a couple of episodes of the tv series carry on laughing in the extras. Carry on behind cast and crew credits british comedy guide. If you grew up with the carry on team either seeing these films in the cinema or on television this is a wonderful boxset with all 30 films. From to cover to cover it was a book i read in one sitting and use it now as a reference book whenever one of the carry on movies is shown. Behind came in the wake of several big name departures. Windsor davies, sherrie hewson of loose women fame, carol hawkins and jack douglas.

This series is now a historic reminder of what made each film so good. Although perhaps it wasnt known as such at the time, carry on dick had seen the last big. Kenneth and barbara introduce clips from all the carry on movie. Carry on behind 1975 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. With elke sommer, kenneth williams, bernard bresslaw, kenneth connor. Carry on behind is basically a rehash of carry on camping and not a very good one at that. The night they took miss beautiful 1977 gary collins, chuck connors, henry gibson feature drama girlfriend experience saison 1. In the interests of cultural relations, the pompous professor is paired up with lovely russian specialist professor anna vooshka elke sommer vooshka only has a loose grasp of english and a lax attitude to. If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some now shots.

The accuracy of detail is outstanding and in fact in places quite sad to read about some of the behind the scenes issues. Producers of a new carry on film insist the movie will still be made, despite losing cast members danniella westbrook and shaun williamson. The actors were superb and made the series what i is. Kenneth williams, barbara windsor, eric barker, amanda barrie. Theyre cheap, theyre tacky, and they were naff even when they were brand new. Carry on screaming, the longest film in the series, continued the run of carry on films at the top of their game. The carry on team send up the tarzan tradition in great style.

The 30odd carry on comedies made in england between 1958 and 1978 are largely unknown in america. Barbara windsor 10, including copresenting thats carry on with williams played main roles in all her carry on appearances. Sid james and scriptwriter talbot rothwell whod notched up 20 carry on credits are missing, and regulars bernard bresslaw, kenneth connor and joan sims. And the carry on films arent much different in that the humor isnt just dry, but is essentially nonexistent save for a gag or two per film. Carry on film locations tour with valerie leon rated 5 out of 5 based on 2 feefo user ratings. Carry on laughing this was my christmas present to me. Carry on emmannuelle 1978 full movie video dailymotion. Carry on making a comeback with doctors film its time to carry on again as it is announced that two new films will be released, with the first set in a hospital.

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